What You'll Learn:

  • Risk Mitigation & Benefits

    The "good" of Medicare drug plans, including how they contribute to risk mitigation for healthcare costs and other benefits associated with drug coverage.

  • Medicare Drug Plan Details

    The difference between pre-Medicare and Medicare drug plans, plus, we'll break down the complex details as to how coverage actually works.

  • Data & Insights

    Discover case studies and data that show the real-life impacts drug costs can have on your clients, both with and without Medicare drug coverage.

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome Message Cindi Gatton

    2. PRESENTATION: Chapters and Learning Objectives

    1. PRESENTATION: A Little History... Then and Now

    2. TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Chapter 1

    1. PRESENTATION: The Good of Medicare Drug Plans

    2. TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Chapter 2

    1. PRESENTATION: The Bad of Medicare Drug Plans

    2. TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Chapter 3

    1. PRESENTATION: The Ugly of Medicare Drug Plans

    1. Final Exam

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Discover all the ways Medicare drug plans impact your clients.