What You’ll Learn:

  • Consumer concerns about healthcare costs.

    Data on rising healthcare costs and healthcare costs in retirement.

  • Insurance options for pre-65 retirees.

    An overview of health insurance options available to pre-65 retirees and their role in financial risk mitigation.

  • How to guide your pre-65 retiree clients.

    Important dates, timing, and how to conduct a personalized HealthPlanning Analysis for clients.

Course curriculum

Financial advisors will learn the important role healthcare planning plays in pre-65 retirees’ financial plans. You’ll discover background information, data, and case studies highlighting the implications of healthcare expenses for pre-65 retirees.

    1. Welcome Message Cindi Gatton

    2. PRESENTATION: Chapters and Learning Objectives

    1. PRESENTATION: Importance of Healthcare Planning for pre-65 Retirees

    2. TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Chapter 1

    1. PRESENTATION: Group Plans vs. Individual Insurance Markets

    2. TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Chapter 2

    1. PRESENTATION: Health Insurance Options for Individuals Who Retire Before Age 65

    2. TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Chapter 3

    1. PRESENTATION: Advantages of Health Savings Accounts for Early Retirees

    2. TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Chapter 4

    1. PRESENTATION: Avoiding Gaps in Health Insurance Coverage

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